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Which Passport to Use For Dual Citizens

Multiple Passport Holders

If you find yourself in that privy niche category of ‘multiple passport holder,’ you might face a conundrum each time you travel. Which passport should you whip out? And when?

If you’re like me, you’ve used the length of the cue to decide which national you should be in that moment. If the U.S. Passports cue is shorter, well then that’s the passport you use. Let’s face it, who wants to wait in a long cue of people? However, this logic doesn’t, unfortunately, always work.

An EU/US multi-national friend of mine insists: “Whichever country you’re in, use that passport.” She claims she was traveling to Holland once and was yelled at for using her US passport. However, when I followed her ‘country-centric’ rule and whipped out a British passport at Heathrow when departing for the US I too was reprimanded.

So, what to do? Using a common circumstance, if you are, for instance, an EU/US passport holder, leaving the US from, say JFK and heading to Paris for a living stint, use your US passport when departing JFK. Upon arrival at Charles de Gaulle, use your European Union passport. However, when you return to the US from Paris, at CDG Airport use our US Passport (otherwise you’ll be required to furnish a Visa to the agent).

So, to summarise:

  • Step 1: US to EU in US Airport= U.S. passport
  • Step 2: Arrival in EU at European Airport= EU passport
  • Step 3: EU to US in European Airport= US passport

Therefore, the only foil or confusion in the country-centric model is Step 3–as you’ll want to avoid having to provide an officer with a Visa!

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Sky Writing: Heathrow’s Second Resident Scribe

Heathrow Airport Resident Writer Tony Parsons

I was sitting on the Tube with the working lot in London at about 7PM reading one of those newspapers that they hand out for free in front of the Tube. It heralded the arrival of writer Tony Parsons at Heathrow Airport.

The lucky scribe is only the second writer in residence at the international airport (if you consider staying in an airport rather than transiting to global destinations via an airport lucky).

They’ll be hosting him for a week (?) at the Heathrow Hotel as he observes all the wacky goings-on, chatting with stewards, porters and security guards, no doubt…doing his best Tom Hanks impression (from the hokey flick The Terminal) and gathering info for an upcoming book.

You’ve got to love how perfectly manufactured and cross-marketed top writers and their concomitant books are these days. Apparently, when the tome is eventually released, a certain amount of copies will be given out at Heathrow Airport.

Now where is the king of travel branding Richard Branson when you need him? He must be hatching some plan to culturally cash in on this literary enterprise.

My idea for a Bransonian marketing scenario: perhaps sneak an irresistibly sexy Virgin flight attendant into the Parsons zone, and have her seduce him so she’s part of the book (notice wink wink nudge nudge seduction by *Virgin* flight attendant?)

Hey, that’s not a bad idea…perhaps they should hire me to fashion these off-beat scenarios, especially after some of my recent serendipitous London episodes (including a handsome lad in a kilt dropping things he was carrying in Notting Hill, me coming to the rescue only to have him give me two venison steaks and a baguette and revealing that he was a butcher and sold Scottish game).

Read more about Tony Parsons’ adventures at
The Guardian

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Lufthansa First Class Lounge at Frankfurt Airport

VIP-land–it’s a world not oft seen by most passers-through in Frankfurt International Airport. I was privy to an insider look on my recent trip for Lufthansa’s A380 inaugural flight from Frankfurt to New York.

First stop was the so-called ‘Davinci Haus.’ Owned by Fraport AG, this private residential style structure overlooks the runways of the Frankfurt Airport (and what a sight that is to behold from such a unique vantage-point). The transparent ‘house’ is used as a sort of VIP center where airport officials entertain guests–usually  political and cultural figures, in this instance, myself and select members of the international press and tourism industry. We dined there on the night before the inaugural along with the airport president.

Next stop, for a night cap (have loved that word since its pop cultural inception on The Love Boat), Lufthansa’s famous First Class Terminal and Lounge. It was just three weeks prior to my visit here that I had written a blog post on the top first class lounges in the world (including Lufthansa’s)…and voila…as a (wo)man thinketh…

This lounge’s decor–modernist, minimal and hip–reminded me of the boutique hotel style of the ’90s. Stylistically, the lounge and its separate restaurant felt like a swank hot spot in LA or New York–not your usual early 80s inspired airport lounge vibe (or at least nothing like the standard Business Class lounges I’ve frequented in the past).

The Lufthansa First Class Lounge boasts a cigar smokers’ room, and two day rooms with leather sleepers ideal for long waits (or sessions with your shrink judging by the look of them).

All manner of cocktails were made available to us (always impressive when you consider that Europe is generally not known for accommodating the cocktails so popular in the States and outside its shores–Cosmos, Mojitos and the like). And one Scotch Whiskey fan in our group almost passed out from excitement upon seeing the display of bottles below.

Oh, and a couple more little stylish and hip touches impressed me. A copy of the ginormous Taschen Muhammad Ali collectors book was displayed in the lounge–très cool! Also, they had a nice old-fashioned guest ledger like they still have in lobbies of some boutique hotels and country inns. So naturally, I made my mark in the book with warm wishes directed at future jet-setters.