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The Keith Richards Effect: A Stewardess’ Worst Nightmare

Keith Richards Relaxing
I know Huffington Post has a reputation for being at times sensationalistic in its blogging of events and news. So I’m not sure how much of this is a HufPo slant and how much of it reflects an air travel trend but….

I had to note that there were no fewer than three write-ups chronicling bad in-flight behavior the last time I checked the Travel vertical.

1/ A 28-year-old Yemeni male passenger pounds on the cockpit door during an American Airlines flight before the plane lands and is wrestled to the ground

2/ A female passenger strips naked on a Delta Airlines flight

3/ A drunk male passenger hits on a neighboring passenger’s wife and then sticks his hand up a flight attendant’s dress and cops a feel

Now, I know we’re used to celebrities behaving badly in-flight or not (see: Courtney Love, Jonathan Rhys-Myers and Keith Richards for reference) so I dub this–in honor of the latter–the ‘Keith Richards Effect.’ Let’s face it, serving a rock star–especially a legendary one–on a plane is worse than babysitting a colicky 2-year-old.

But the folks perpetrating these antics are mere mortals, civilians, shall I say. Could this be part of an overall regressive jet-setter trend?

Perhaps I’m being a tad naive. Surely this kind of bawdy and boisterous chicanery goes on daily in-flight and the brave men and women behind the winged badges are the ones who survive to ‘tell the tale.’

This sets up a brilliant premise for a TV show which could be virally launched via a website or YouTube page. I see that has already been purchased but is available for all you entrepreneurial folks with a Charles Bukowski streak and a raunchy Benny Hill sense of humor.

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Political Art in Beijing, Tiananmen Square, Communism on the Brain

Yang Zhengzhong at Shanghart in Shanghai

Yang Zhengzhong at Shanghart in Shanghai
Twenty-two years ago today, the Tiananmen Square protests began, going on to last seven weeks.

Next week, North East of that infamous politically charged site, Yang Zhengzhong’s solo show “Don’t Move” will open at ShanghART Gallery Beijing. Yang–a photographer and video artist–rose  to prominence in the ’90s in Shanghai.

His work comments metaphorically, humorously and absurdly on contemporary life in China and politics.He particularly excels in the latter if the above image is any indicator.

Officially opening on April 20th, the show runs through May 31st. The gallery will however host a special opening on April 23rd at 4PM.

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