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Tactile 3D World City Maps By Artist Matthew Picton

Dresden 3D Map

Dresden, Germany

Thanks to my map obsession and a tip-off from fellow map enthusiast and Arbuturian co-founder Toby White, I have been induced to continue my exploration of such topographical art and artifacts via a special Maps category.

The latest entry in said section is the work of London born, Oregon based artist Matthew Picton (up at Summaria Lunn in Mayfair from March 3rdthrough April 6th). The creator basically makes 3-dimensional cartographic sculptures from cut paper.

Personally I’ve been feeling the tremblings of a sculpture or objets zeitgeist. We’re all online too often, making the three-dimensional world and its manifestations all the more exotic and appealing. Sculpture sometimes makes you want to reach out and touch, grab, and interact with it (at its best). Unfortunately, I’ve seen children do this in places like the depressing Tate Modern—with no guard in sight (or no guard clueful enough) to stop them from tampering with the art.

But I digress. Picton’s very physically present mapwork spans the globe, covering Mexico City, London, Dublin, Lower Manhattan, Tehran, Dresden, Washington, D.C., Florence and Hiroshima.

Worldly Art at the London Art Fair Preview


I just returned from the preview evening of the London Art Fair in Islington and am still digesting all the creativity I just took in. The fair officially launches tomorrow (the 18th) and runs through the 22nd of January.

As it happens, the three snaps below (my favourite captures of the evening) can actually be grouped together under one theme: the planet.

The first, above–from the Opus Gallery in Newcastle–is oddly comforting and familiar to me. Just last night I was sketching and ended up with a tableau of a face residing in a tree. There’s a part of me that feels so disconnected to nature and so overwhelmed by technology that I want to just become the earth again. So the gorgeous bucolic surrealist oil painting below entitled ‘Here You Are,’ by Vasilis Avramidis really resonates.

This last pair of photos are both from Tag Fine Arts’ stand. The one above is from ‘The Art of Mapping,’ a show curated by Tag which took place at the Air Gallery.

And lastly, this assortment of postcard-esque woodcuts by artist Tobias Till depict different locales in London, from A to Z (like the famous local guide books)

Chic Trek: Hip Designer City Maps (VIDEO)

Artistic, hip designer city maps, By Design – Seoul, Korea graphic artists Zero Per Zero fashion international city maps using creativity, cultural sensibility, and a keen vibe for the style of the streets.